Why product and lifestyle photography is so important

High quality photography on an e-commerce site helps customers see and “feel” the details of a product, even if they can’t touch it, taste it, or try it on. Beautiful imagery will make or break their shopping experience online.



Utilizing lifestyle photography for branding is an opportunity to highlight your brand on product pages, providing a platform to showcase its distinctive aesthetic. These images play a pivotal role in helping customers visualize how your products can seamlessly fit into their lives and spaces.


The paramount goal for your product images is be to build customer confidence by providing them with all the information necessary for a purchasing decision. 


Photography serves as a potent branding tool, depicting an aspirational lifestyle that customers can envision attaining through your products. Additionally, it significantly influences conversion rates, as 85% of shoppers emphasize the significance of product information and images in their decision-making process when choosing one brand over another.

Photography on an e-commerce platform serves multiple functions, with its primary role being to enable customers to visually and emotionally connect with the intricate details of a product. This is especially crucial when customers cannot physically touch, taste, or try on the item. It’s proven that customers to judge a book by it’s cover which is why it’s critical to make a good first impression. 

Get to know your style, the type of photography you love and find engaging. Get to know the local photographers in your area that match that style and set up a call to see if your vision aligns. Then it’s time to book that next shoot!

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